New Stuff & News

You may have noticed has changed yet again. It has.  That is because money is tight. I do not have the money to pay for web space currently.  I plan to change this as soon as I am able though.

All my designs can still be found here if that is what you are looking for.

I want to do things I used to do on my site that eventually felt like a chore. Meaning I want to blog about my crafty goodness.  I use Instagram for my photos now and that could prove to be irritating.  However they do offer the option to embed photos into webpages or blog posts.

I want to be able to blog once in awhile as well.  I do not see the point in blogging on a regular basis.  Like what changes I made to a square or what I figured out for a round to make it easier for me to read.  I don’t always remember to put those in my Ravelry notes.


We will see what happens. I hope I can afford some web space soon.